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Optica 3

Rayica LensLab

Optica 15

Sequential and non-sequential ray tracing in three-dimensional space X X X X
Seamless integration with Mathematica X X X X
Viewable source code X X X X
GUI pulldown menus for defining systems and components. This needs Mathematica 5.1 and above X X
Real-time controls- Java based needs Mathematica 5.1 and above X X
Create standalone realtime models using the dynamic interactivity of Mathematica6 X
Input of CAD ( STL) models into system functions X
Number of component functions to use for defining optical components 122 122 62 62
Number of predefined types of lenses: LensDoublet,SchmidtLens,CompoundLens, BallLens, PlanoConvexLens, etc ... 38 38 21 21
Number of mirror functions: Mirror,BallMirror,AsphericMirror,SphericalMirror,CustomMirror, ParabolicMirror, etc 23 23 12 12
Number of prism functions: Solitaire,DovePrism,PolarizingPrism, AnamorphicPrisms, etc ... 22 22 2 2
Number of light source functions : GaussianBeam, PointOfRays, GridOfRays, etc ... 12 12 7 7
Aperture stops, pin-holes, and baffles X X X X
Gratings X1 X1 X X
Eye Model X X
Fresnel-flattened lenses and mirrors X2 X2 X X
Gain and absorption through bulk material X X X X
Amplitude and optical path length (phase) information X3 X X X
Arbitrary user-defined, optical surface profiles of any shape X4 X4 X X
Randomized light sources and Monte Carlo ray-tracing X X
Ray-trace speed-enhancements X X    
Graded-index refraction: lenses and optical fibers X X    
Diffuse surface scattering (including Lambertian) X X    
Linear polarisers, birefringent optics, retardation plates X X    
Jones matrix calculations X X
Linear polarisers, birefringent optics, retardation plates X X    
Curved optical fibers X X
Import files from Zemax ( refractive elements) and Code-V X X    
Polarization/wavelength-dependent optical coatings X X    
Searchable database of commercial optics and optical materials X X    
User-defined optical surface properties X X    
Analytic parametric descriptions of optical surface shapes X X X X
Symbolic parameterization of optical system characteristics X X X X
Optimization of arbitrary system parameters X X    
Polarization ray-tracing and birefringence X X    
Numeric ray-tracing of Gaussian beams X X    
Energy calculations: including models of gain and absorption X X X X
Intensity plots at any surface X X X  
Geometric Point Spread Function X X X  
Diffractive Point Spread Function X      
Modulation Transfer Function X X X  
Coherent Transfer Function X  
Pupil Function X  
Seidel aberrations X  
In-depth characterization of imaging optics X  
Zernike-polynomial fit of wave front X      
Interference calculations X  
Wavefront calculations X  
Holographic diffraction gratings X  
Paraxial and higher-order symbolic calculations X      
Arbitrary precision calculations of optical systems X X
Symbolic optical path length X  
Symbolic surface intercepts X  
Symbolic intensity X  
Gaussian-beam wavefront propagation X  
Symbolic ABCD matrix analysis X  
Symbolic global optimization of system parameters X  
1  Coupled-wave theory used in certain calculations.
2  Realistic modeling of Fresnel surface ridge contours to account for manufacturing effects.
3  High-level functions included for wave-front and complex-field calculations.
4  Enhanced methods for tracing of arbitrary surface shapes including interpolated surface data.
5  Optica version 1 is an old version listed here for comparison purposes only.
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