Tour of Rayica
Here is a graphical tour of examples in Rayica. START

Tour of Wavica
Here is a graphical overview of Wavica's features. START
(Note that Wavica also uses the Rayica features given above.)

Rayica User Guide
Here is the basic user guide of Rayica. (pdf file) (html)

LensLab User Guide



Chapter 1: Basic Features of LensLab

Chapter 2: How LensLab Does Ray Tracing

Chapter 3: Tour of Component Functions

Chapter 4: Positioning Functions

Chapter 5: Advanced Features of LensLab

Chapter 6: Experimenting with LensLab

Chapter 7: Designing with LensLab

Chapter 8: The Anatomy of Ray

Chapter 9: The Anatomy of Component

Appendix: Reference Guide

Principles Of Rayica
Here is the advanced user guide for Rayica:

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Placement Directives

Chapter 3: Ray Tracing in Detail

Chapter 4: Customization

Chapter 5: Data Handling in Rayica

Chapter 6: Visualizing Your System

Chapter 7: Working with CreateClones

Rayica Definitions Listing
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Wavica Definitions Listing
Here is an alphabetical listing of all Wavica definitions. START
(Note that Wavica also uses the Rayica definitions given above.)

Example Library: GRIN lenses
Here is an overview of graded-index refraction in Rayica. START

Advanced Topics: Notebook Downloads

Wavica User Guide

Advanced TurboTrace (zip file) (html)

Hologram Example (zip file) (html)

Pulse Compression Example (zip file) (html)

Arbitrary Precision Calculations (zip file) (html)

Optimization of Aspheric Components (zip file) (html)